Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Never

I never was enthralled by
Business suited men in positions of power,
Glamourous women in high heels and slit skirts.
I never wanted to be that. Never understood its

I saw scholars, poets and mystics,
Heroes all to me.
I saw them working within their own imperatives,
With no visible reward or remuneration,
I saw them striving to perfect their expression of self as a divine
Energy in the world,
Expressing infinite beauty as well as they possibly could,
Exploring the perfection of the Creation of which they are part and
Doing their absolute best to understand the complexities of it all.

My God!
These are the ones that I emulate now and
Always have.
I’ve never understood why anyone would chase after anything but
Love expressed,

Sacred being in the world.

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