Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Quiet Corner

Warm Light in Winter

From the Heart of Me

So, I’m sitting there waiting

And the fear comes up: What


And it feels hot and shaky and

I send it that slow spread of Love

From the heart of me.


Or listening to a friend talk about her

Life, how she’s trying to be better, to

Mold herself,

And it feels like need, like a pressure in my chest and

I send it that slow breath of Love

From the heart of me.


Or there’s news of more bombings, another disaster

In the east and it feels like despair, like the absence of hope

And I feel it in my face, frozen into not showing anything and

I send it that golden light of Love

From the heart of me.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cold Wintry Winds in Brightest Skies


I heard the first

Eruption of sound

That is

The redwing

Blackbird's call.

At sunrise

I heard it,

And it told me

Spring is here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beginning Again

Forest After Snow

After Snow

The air is moist and grey

Light colours the tree trunks black,

The hemlocks darkest green.


The only sound is the regular beep, beep, beep

Of the dump truck snow plow reversing below in the valley, an electronic tune

In the dark dawn.


Then black ravens call call call

Across the hillside

While school bus labours up the hill roaring.


I walk carefully on the slippery snow, the

Sleeves of my jacket pushed up, the throat open,

Mittens wet with cloud condensation.

We’re under the weather here, the top

Of the hill white-grey shrouded


When the school bus descends,

I meet it coming ‘round and give the driver a V for victory,

“You made it!”
For the hill is steep and the snow slippery,

and because I feel that

We are here. Now.

We are here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Embrace the ALL

Still Reaching


On one foot, and then begin

A slow rise

To full height,

Then a

Slow stretch to full expansive



Always with balance as

Your way forward, tentative, perhaps


Careful perhaps,



That will bring you