Friday, March 29, 2013

Love is in the Air

When snow falls,

The earth welcomes it;

A well-rounded woman, prone,

Waiting to be covered.


When snow falls,

She curls

Into its comforting touch;




Love is in the air.


Love is in the Air

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dream About My Father

The man, iron-gray, business-suited,


Walked toward me through last night’s


And, placing his hand upon my ragged shoulder,

Said with certainty and love,

“You are good enough.”

Earth's Bones in Blue

I Have Yet

Cornfield stubble frozen,

Stretched out

From wretched elm skeleton

Gawking over yellow-gray ice of drowned grass.


When will we reach the mountains?


Mountain’s mass presses and molds

The land around into curve and fold and rise.

Birch and spruce tell me we have come.

No straight lines.


Here, it is easy to recline,

But never shall I rest;

I have yet to climb that mountain,

I have yet to pass the test.





Voluptuous Tease


South Wind


Cloud wet billowing up

And over Sherbrooke,

Softening the neon of the self-serve.


Breathe easy now, south-facing people.

South wind blowing moist and full,

Makes morning easier

(once we all lived by the sea)

Now eleventh floor office and windows that don’t open,

Still you can feel it.


North wind towers in cloud formations over

Mount Royal, there to clash with a

South wind calling for Summer, but

September will win out.



Gold and Silver in the Neighbour's Garden


Bobby in the Park

I met a little girl named Bobby

In the park just now.


We were playing on the ropes



We were talking in the park with our gloves on

And the sea-blue ropes.


She told me the story of a woman

Who put her baby in the laundry basket and then

Put the laundry in the machine, and her baby

By mistake.


And the baby was going ‘round and ‘round.

And the mother couldn’t find her baby and then she

Saw her baby going ‘round and ‘round.


And I said that it sounded like a nightmare and

The little girl said that she had that dream and then

She told me that her mother was going to have

Another baby.