Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Dwell On It

Creative act -

I’d like to perform one.

Whether by paint or by pen, or by deed

I’d like to perform one. I dwell

On its potential for being.


Many’s the mountain that holds

A bold and silent curve.

My eye is caught and held

And look! The solid resolution of the line

Inherent in that opposing mass

Of rock and pine.


There aren’t always mountains

In my immediate line of view.

Today I do not perform a creative act,

Nor will I.

It’s hard enough to watch and know

When others come that close to God.


Yes, in our rowhouse homes and hide-aways,

Art is our salvation,

But few enough look up and out to see it there.

Still, if your tread down the warehouse hall

Holds beauty in its stride,

Or your finger

On the steamed bus window trails a graceful line,

You are redeemed.


Creative acts;

We hold the soul of God

Just slightly above our heads and to the left.

I dwell on it.




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